Members of Rotary e-clubs and their friends who will visit Sydney for the Rotary International Convention are invited to attend these fellowship events.


Rotary Australiana Banquet at Parliament House

Date: 4 June, 2014 | Time: 7:30pm - 10:30pm | Location: NSW Parliament House

By special arrangement with the New South Wales State Parliament this will be one of the major events of the Rotary International Convention week in Sydney. Come and join us at the iconic NSW Parliament House.

A highlight of the night will be an indigenous music performance, an aboriginal story from the dreamtime and some wonderful Australian traditional songs that will give you a "taste of Australiana".

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Walk the Opera House Precinct and Mrs. MacQuarie's Point

Date: 31 May, 2014 | Time: 2:00pm | Location: Meet at the forecourt of the Sydney Opera House

This easy 2-hour guided walk will take you to the best location in the whole of Sydney to photograph the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House and the Botanic Gardens. Learn about the Sydney Opera House, the Domain and the history of Mrs Macquarie's Point. Not to be missed.

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Outback Adventure to the Red Centre

Date: 26 May to 31 May, 2014 | Time: All day | Location: Leaves from Sydney

Past President Angus Robinson has done an amazing job putting together a wonderful "once in a lifetime" tour to the Australian Outback. Using his contacts in the travel industry he has been able to save about A$300.00 per person compared with similar tours, and negotiate inclusions that are not available through other tour operators. When comparing the US$ to the Australian $, the price is brilliant. Please note the price includes the airfares to the Outback from Sydney and return. There are 19 places available on this tour.

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Rotary E-Club One Gala Dinner

Date: 2 June, 2014 | Time: 7:30pm-10:30pm | Location: Menzies Hotel

A menu of fine Australian food and wine will be served. We have organised some amazing entertainment that will surprise and delight all present. Be prepared for inspiration, fun and laughter at The Australian Ballroom of The Menzies Hotel.

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One-Day Fellowship Bus Tour to the Blue Mountains

Date: 5 June, 2015 | Time: 8:00am - 6:00pm | Location: Departs from The Menzies Hotel

A special day of magnificent highlights. This is a "best of the best' experience for a small group of 24 participants. This tour will include Bells Line of Road, Mt Tomah World Heritage Centre and Botanic Gardens, Govetts Leap, Echo Point and Three Sisters, the Scenic World Railway with its short ride down to the Jamieson Valley, and the new Blue Mountains Exhibition Centre at Katoomba. Strictly limited to 24 participants.

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From 1 July 2010 a new kind of Rotary club was accepted world-wide.

Rotary e-clubs do not gather for a typical Rotary meal, business meeting and guest speaker. Instead, they meet on-line with all their operations supported by web technologies and electronic communications. The concept has been tested in a proof-of-concept pilot that commenced on January 4, 2002. On that day, Rotary E-Club One was launched in Colorado, USA. Later, thirteen additional Rotary e-clubs were launched and added to the pilot study.

The study revealed two viable models for web-based Rotary clubs. The first model is a "pure" Rotary e-club that conducts 100% of its Rotary business on the Internet. Typically, members have one face-to-face dinner meeting per year, usually at the RI Convention. Members are likely to come from a wide geographic area which may be global. Rotary service is undertaken in the community where a member lives, or groups of members collaborate and work together as teams on service projects in needy communities where no member resides. Rotary E-Club One of Colorado, USA is a good example of a pure Rotary e-club.

The second model is a "hybrid" Rotary e-club that conducts most of its Rotary business on the Internet, but meets face-to-face once a month for a dinner meeting. A hybrid Rotary e-club is a good option when all the members live within a relatively compact geographic area that enables them to travel to the monthly face-to-face meeting. Rotary service projects are undertaken within the geographic area and beyond. Rotary E-Club of Singapore is a good example of a hybrid Rotary e-club.

According to Chris Joscelyne, a Past President of Rotary E-Club One of Colorado, the purpose of a Rotary e-club is to extend Rotary to business, professional and community leaders in any Rotary district who are unable to meet traditional attendance requirements. Inability to attend a traditional Rotary club could be the result of demanding business or professional commitments, extensive travel, confinement due to ill health or disability, or residence beyond reasonable distance from an existing Rotary club.

"Rotary E-Club One is just like any traditional Rotary club", said Gerry Roberts of Wyoming USA, a Past District Governor of Rotary who is also a Past President of Rotary E-Club One. "The only difference is that members meet on-line to coordinate service projects and enjoy fellowship with like-minded Rotarians."

Over 500 Rotary districts throughout the world will be able to establish a maximum of two Rotary e-clubs per district, following a successful vote at the Rotary International 2010 Council on Legislation (Rotary's "parliament") in Chicago, USA.

The Rotary E-Clubs website has been established to provide information and resources for the establishment and operation of successful Rotary e-clubs.

Rotary is a not-for-profit service organization with over 33,000 Rotary clubs worldwide and a total of 1.2 million members.

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"I would like to think that the pioneering days of Rotary have only just begun. There are just as many new things to be done as ever there were. Kaleidoscopic changes are taking place, many of them without our will. Even to hang on to the fringe of this fast-changing world is about all most of us can do. Rotary simply must continue to pioneer or be left in the rear of progress."

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